MU Legend Can Easily See The Effect Of MU’s Skills

For highly-anticipated gameplay MU Legend, Webzen will hold the Global OBT at the September this year, this is a chance for MU Legend fans to experience the new game. MU Legend was developed based on the Unreal Engine 3 graphics, the image of Mu Legend is quite beautiful with spectacular effects, light effects, true shadows, dark shades of interwoven highlighting. Do you want to learn more latest news and guides? now go to website.

MU Legend

It can be seen that MU Legend retains all the features that have become MU Online’s brand, such as top-down view, wings, and more or more impressive with style set. The interface is reminiscent of the classic Diablo game. Throughout the gameplay can easily see the effect of MU’s skills: MU Legend is relatively diverse, beautiful, the surrounding landscape is also designed massive, the architectural style of the game.

MU Legend also reveals that the enormous panorama of game space, team fights and solo fights, and other familiar elements of the legendary MU series. What impresses gamers is the skill with flashy effects and intense combat matches, expected to bring a lot of attractive experience for players. It not only makes the fans meet expectations but also stimulate the curiosity, the more looking forward to possession of this game.

Earlier, according to anticipated, the game is likely to release the global version in the near future. Now, MU Legend will begin its Open Beta Test in September. After a long wait, the Global Open Beta Test will be officially started. Anyway, MU Legend is a wonderful game that the skill is relatively diverse, beautiful, and gamers believe deep down that the Global OBT will bring more new content. Gamers also insist on buying MU Legend currency like MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.