ESO: Collect Shyshards To Get Skill Points In Vvardenfell

When you have collected three Skyshards, you get a Skill Point. The discovery of the shining Skyshards is definitely worth it and you will not find any of the shards in this guide, so you will find the locations of all 18 Skyshards in the Vvardenfell area (included in the extension Morrowind).


1 At a small shrine where the road forks.
2 On an isle facing the Sea of Ghosts.
3 On a Dwemer overhang, above a river of lava.
4 On an outcropping overlooking a grisly scene.
5 In a hollow stump on the wetlands.
6 Withheld at customs and stored in the yard.
7 In a stump on the northern shore of Lake Amaya.
8 In the heart of crumbling Daedric ruins.
9 On a stranded rock in a river of lava.
10 Beneath the Dwarven bridge.
11 On a treacherous path overlooking a sea of fire.
12 Heaped onto a cart of stone left on a precarious perch.
13 Nestled with glittering treasures where the red crystals glow.dungeon
14 Hidden deep within a shrine to the Price of Corruption.
15 Where cliff-striders bask under golden rays in their den.
16 On an islet in the subterranean lake.
17 In the bandit “home” carved in the rock wall.
18 In the deepest depths of an underground Dwemer ruin.

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