Stormblood Has Been Designed To Streamline FFXIV’s More Complex Elements

According to Final Fantasy XIV designer, director and producer Naoki Yoshida elaborated, Final Fantasy XIV launches new expansion Stormblood, and it’s aim to appeal to a wider audience of both novice and MMORPG players. They believe deep down that the idea is bound to be achieved.06013As the latest expansion to Yoshida’s revamped online Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood has been designed to streamline Final Fantasy XIV’s more complex elements in a bid not only appeal to general Final Fantasy fans, but to those that love MMOs but haven’t given the series a look-in before. More latest update and new expansion details, click for source.

To help newcomers better understand, and play, Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood reworks some of the game’s core systems. “Our current build, [version] 3.57, is quite complex,” Yoshida explains. “If we add any more complexity to Final Fantasy XIV’s systems it’ll become harder, overwhelming and discouraging players to get into the game.” Now, you have chance to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil at FFXIV4GIL.

Looking back to previous Final Fantasy XIV, which is a failure evolve. However, Yoshida was brought on to save the floundering Final Fantasy XIV project, it was regarded as a new online adventure for Square Enix, it’s no hyperbole to say that it was a total mess. Fortunately, Square Enix rebuild the entire game from the ground up. Until now, Final Fantasy XIV is an ever-growing success for Square Enix.