Technically buy WOW power leveling

Warlords of Draenor is about as inclusive as WoW expansions get: each copy comes with a magic wand to wave at one of your characters and bring them right up to level 90.

It wasn’t a surprise to learn that Blizzard would be selling an identical boost via WoW’s in-game store, but the price turned heads: $60.

Blizzard have assured players that they’re not running a “profit maximising” scheme – but instead ensuring that WoW’s levelling zones don’t become NPC-only wastelands.

There is no doubt it is a business decision, the free 90 with the expansion so new users can go straight to the new content and play with their friends, rather than being forced through 90 levels to get to the new content and making it so they either have to do it alone or their friends need to start a bunch of new alts.

The problem came because on the back of that due to being able to transfer chars between accounts you own you open it up so people can create and transfer level 90 chars at a price, so then it comes down to do you just leave it so people make a bunch of new accounts and then transfer the char across accounts or do you facilitate a way that is probably much easier on blizzard’s servers.

So really once the free level 90 was included with WoD you opened up a door that allowed people to technically buy WOW power leveling, so in reality blizzard is actually losing money at $60.