Guild Wars 2: Tower of Nightmares

The next content patch for Guild Wars 2, Tower of Nightmares, comes out next Tuesday on October 29th. While the Halloween content came in the last patch (and will remain in game through November 11th), this chilling new release will fit the season.

In Tower of Nightmares players will find new trouble with dark ties to previous storylines. The krait, a sinister reptilian race, have created the Tower of Nightmares which is a weapon unlike any other seen in Tyria. Players must first discover the secret to attacking the Tower and find clues to the krait’s mysterious new ally.

Among the rewards for players brave enough to venture into the Tower is the new universal healing skill, Antitoxin Spray, that will cleanse the players and nearby allies of poison toxins and other nasty effects. Additionally, players who finish the new meta achievement will earn the Krait Obelisk Shard that can be erected in their home instance.