Guildwars 2 Farming Boots On

ust a few days ago Anet renewed their fight against bots and RMT and have had some great success with this new campaign. I’m sure you have all noticed in the huge price increase of all T5/T6 materials. This is fantastic news for players like more that like to farm whilst using the trading post to make their gold. Farming has renewed power and is without a doubt back in the reckoning to be the best way to make gold in Guild Wars 2. Gw2 trading was starting to tip towards crafting but I have a feeling with the recent price increase of all t5/t6 materials that farming will become once again a better way for players to make money than crafting.
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You can read John Smiths announcement about the Market Shifts on the Guild Wars 2 forums and he promises more details and updates in the coming weeks, which will certainly be interesting to see.

With farming’s new life I fought I would make this post and link to all the farming spots I have covered here at Gw2 Gold Guide. So go ahead and pick your spot, Lets farm some serious gold.

I’m not sure how long this will last before the bots flood the market again, So I recommend that you take advantage of this change in prices before the prices start dropping down to near vendor price again.