Guildwars 2 Cooking Guide

Since we’ve talked a little about crafting at Gw2 Gold Guide, you might have realized by now that having your professions max leveled is a must, especially cooking which is one of the most helpful professions from the game. Why is that? Because cooking never ages: its consumables are always of great help for you and your allies, especially those with that high Gold Find and MF.
new gw2 cooking guide
There were many cooking guides on the Internet that have grown outdated over the time because of the changes Arena-Net made to the game. Some cooking ingredients disappeared from the karma vendors and everything had to be overhauled.

Here is a cooking guide that requires a little bit of gold, but you will be able to max level your cooking profession in a matter of hours. No more fuss, no more running around and searching for karma vendors: just a bit over 1.5 to 2 gold and it will be all over, with a huge gain in experience also. To save even more gold, it is recommended to plan this ahead and start putting some item demands on the Trading Post. Buying them at their offered price can be a time saver for the impatient, but they will lose more silver than just putting up the offers and waiting a couple of days to be filled.