GW 2 Game Doing to Grow

At well over 3 million copies sold in the US, Europe and Australia combined, Guild Wars 2 has had an amazing first year, but we have a long ways still to grow.


Many of the core regions for online gaming are on deck to join the Guild Wars 2 community in the years ahead and grow our base to new heights.

We’ve already done our first limited beta test in China, with future tests planned to help prepare the game for release with our incredible partner there, Kong Zhong. To prepare the game for its eastern release, we’re building a new comprehensive “level zero” optional tutorial that teaches the core basics of the game. We’re also adding new story steps at levels 5 and 10 to help better teach core mechanics as players grow. We will also be adding a much better hints system, and a new level-up messaging system all to better teach the game.

All of these systems will be added to the game not just in the east, but to help future new players in the west as well.

So far this year WvW has seen some major updates: from the removal of culling to the new progression, reward and ability system, our WvW population has been rapidly on the rise since January.