GW2 Should not Be Forgotten Past Glory

Mike Zadorojny, the designer of ArenaNet gave a statement in an interview with GZ On 9th July. He said that there are many stores for us still to tell in the game, and he would love to go back and revisit all those locations in GW2. The words really spark my thinking. I must admit GW2 has already found inroad into the market. And it has impressed deeply on every player, although GW2 was released one year ago. In the future, it will make another marvel in the line of game industry as WOW did before.
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In fact, I have been in GW2 for nearly one year. It is no exaggeration to say that I witness the whole efforts which ArenaNet has made and enjoy the living world created by ArenaNet. I understand that a large amount of manpower and material resources has been cost in the game. In the future, more energy will be put into GW2. I have no idea what is your feeling. For me, I am full of gratitude and respect to them. Similarly, I hope that the past glory of GW2 will not be forgotten.

In the following, I will show some pictures about GW2. Let us recall the past moments together. Can you remember them? And what do they belong to?

From the pictures, we know that we are in a colorful world in the game just like the living world we are in. In a year, ArenaNet precipitated a lot of things in our mind. Time can wash and let you forget something. Therefore, can you figure out what are they? What historical things they belong to? The following information may give you some clues. Can you find the corresponding picture for the clues below?