Guild Wars 2your favorite pet

In Guild Wars2, Ranger is a special profession character, he has a pet as his loyal teammate, which is his profession mechanism. Pet can be very helpful in a battle since it causes plenty of distraction to the enemy, that is to say Ranger can attack the foe in a safe distance.

Many players neglect that Ranger can capture pets in some certain area of the game. When “Charm” appears near a pet, just click “F”, and it will be captured. In Guild Wars 2, Ranger can carry four pets all together in a battle, but only one pet can be used during the battle, if one pet is defeated, Ranger can change another one. At the same time Ranger can change different pets to adapt himself in different situations. Now I will introduce my pets to you.

Moa is the pet that I chose when I created my character, so I use it most. It is good at close-battle. Peck and Harmonic Cry are its major skills. Different moas have different kinds of Screech, so effects vary accordingly.
I captured Spider in Cledon forest, the exact position is between Dreamdark Enclave and Morgan’s Spiral. In the beginning, I actually don’t like Spider that much, although I captured it. But then I started finding that Spider is an expert on long-distance attack, so facing a powerful monster, you’d better use Spider, and in that case escaping will be easier. I recommend you use the long-distance attack weapons like Bow as a combination of Spider.

Jaguar is an amphibian, so you can use it both on the ground and under the water. Since controlling is more difficult under the water, carrying an under-water pet becomes very important. Jaguar can be captured in Metrica Province, see figure. Under the water Jaguar looks like a cute cat. Jaguar is a pet with power, so just use it in a close-battle.

Fern Hound is the first pet that I captured. In fact, I didn’t realize that until I red the system prompt on the screen. Fern Hound looks very cool, when using it, I often feel that I am a hunter! Fern Hound can be captured in two positions, so keep in mind!

I also captured Marsh Drake, but I don’t use it often, so I will not introduce it to you. In word, pet is dreadfully important for Ranger, when playing the game, you must keep your eyes open, or you will probably miss a pet.