GW2 Killerguides Leveling Guide

With Guild Wars 2 finally available to the masses, there’s been no shortage of players looking for detailed leveling guides and other game strategies to help them in GW2. The official site and wiki don’t have nearly as much information that would give you an edge over other players, and most other websites are the same. So in case you’re looking for non-generic information that will actually make an impact on your gameplay and teach you how to get the most of your class, it’s best to look for a quality GW2 guide. One of those is Killerguides, contents of which you can find below.
Leveling guide – In Killerguide a lot of attention has been given to the leveling guide. It includes the best leveling strategies that are a sure-fire way to get you to the level cap in barely a week. It includes not only tips and tricks on how to efficiently and quickly level up, but also walkthroughs of quests ensuring you don’t waste any of your valuable time.

Gold making  guide – Finding new ways to make gold in Guild Wars 2 is difficult when you’re already behind other players who have obviously tested many methods already. This guide will give you a rundown of the best strategies and tricks to make obscene amounts of gold, thus ensuring you can propel your character to new limits by being able to afford any gear you want.

Equipment guide – One of the most useful chapters is the one dedicated to equipment. Your character’s armor and weapons are the most important thing when it comes to performance in either PvP or PvE. If you ever get confused with all the different stats and attributes or just want to find out where the best gear is hidden, refer to this chapter.

PvP guide – The bread and butter of GW2 is of course the player versus player gameplay. If you ever find yourself thinking on which abilities to use or how to beat a particular class, chances are you’ll find your answer here. It’s the most comprehensive Player vs. Player resource you’ll find currently.
Skills and builds – Related to every other aspect of the game, having proper skills selected is ensure you can deal outrageous damage or survive against all odds. It’s up to your personal preference which build to use, but fortunately you’ll find plenty to choose from here.

Additionally Killerguides Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide includes several other useful chapters, for example on unlocking titles and achievements, races, classes, and most importantly crafting. This guide however does in fact come with a price tag of $30, but in my opinion its well worth it. Considering how much useful information it contains you’ll certainly be able to improve your character significantly if you decide to get it.