Trading Post preview update = Speculation time!

The next addition to the Flame & Frost series is a speculation gold mine, with the ability to preview items on the Trading Post there will be a lot of player’s searching for the perfect skins to complete their character. If you are willing to take a risk then I would highly recommend researching and investing your gold into unique weapon and armour skins.

Pretty much all of the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post tools offer the codes needed to preview an item in game, so feel free to use your favourite, I personally found the easiest to use.
To use the preview code, copy and paste the entire code including the brackets [] and enter them into the Guild Wars 2 chat box. I would recommend whispering these codes to yourself as the game has the habit of suppressing your messages if you type too much in a short space of time.
The items will usually appear as a blank [ ] but occasionally you will get the link to a full [name], simply right click the text and select preview to see how it looks. ( I usually have to remove my Norn’s leggings to get a proper look at the item.)
I will personally be focusing on the off-hand market, as there is still a lot of weapons going for relatively cheap compared to other markets. My speculation won’t be limited to named weapons either, I was surprised when I saw how awesome some of the dredge and godskull weapons looked!
I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other low level weapons with interesting skins just waiting to be found.
The Aquatic market is also an interesting one, a lot of people don’t bother about what their spears, tridents and harpoon guns look like but you would be surmised at how many great skins there are going for extremely low prices. (a lot of them have special effects as well)