During the time of AFK,


During the time of AFK, I always thought of another world, where you can have all kinds of names and choose the race you like and specific characters and so on. From every part of the world, as long as you like, you can speak anything just move your fingers. Since internet comes,the world is not dull and lonely. In the age with less and less communication and spirit inanity, wow copy undoubtedly gives a baptism about the cohesion and love. Only experience copy’s refining, people could understand how happy to have a group of loving friends. Seeing the team falls, members rush and open skill to resist BOSS to let group members have time to fight. Seeing the priest in treatment without blood and has to use bandage and save the left magic to holy and spread members’ bodies; seeing the warriors fall down but can’t save them, seeing knight releases Divine Intervention to protect group members… they are group spirit, support and share. How many people were raging at that moment and couldn’t stop? It is the sublime of group; it is everything. At the moment of BOSS falling down, TS is excited, shouting and scream full in every part. Isn’t it reality?

When you riding on your favoriate mount and flying over the sky of Azeoth, you will be attracted by the beautiful scenes in there; touched by the classical stories’ plots. When you press O on the keyboard and see all friends are online, no matter whether they say hi to you and what they are doing, you still feel they are beside with you. Study skills from each other, talk to copy’s tactics. All these dribs and drabs have turned to another world’s growth processes and deeply printed in my heart. let you in a very long while can’t forget. This is indulging? Perhaps! But I know in the reality we can’t find them.

The real world is complicated. The seemed friendly face maybe the incarnation of evil. The bait hides the hook, intrigue against each other, etc. anyone who do a little more work just like getting the biggest injustice, let alone the team spirit. In reality, the pay will not necessarily have return; in the game world, paid must be rewarding, so no matter how long to suspend, I still can’t forget another world.