If you decide to pay to play

In guilds, you can also buy certain things, or just go there to buy common things of that skill. At times like Easter, Christmas and Halloween, there are kind of themes. I have never experienced these before, but I know you can get certain items and Runescape gold at these times by random events or killing monsters and they drop them. They can only be gotten at this time, therefore are rare and valuable after a while. I know people from years back playing that has things like Santa hats from Christmas years ago. These occur randomly, but normally when you are doing something like fishing or mining. They won’t just happen when you are walking.


There are loads of these, and some are different on pay to play. Generally, they are all good in the way you get an easy reward. Some are quite hard however, and require skill. It is not bad a month and less if you pay for a year. You can pay by text, phone, credit card and more ways to suit you. 200 million is an obscenely big number. It’s more than the population ofBrazil; it’s the most XP you can gain in a skill; and it’s very nearly the number of accounts that have been created in RuneScape’s long and exciting history.

Here at the studio we’re really proud to be closing in on such an exciting number but, of course, we’d be nothing if it weren’t for you: our community. 200 million accounts means millions and millions of RuneScape stories, experiences and memories, and through the competition we’re launching today, we hope to hear as many of them as possible! After those two minutes, the invincibility will wear off and the other players in the arena will have 30 seconds to wreak vengeance and – best of all – to loot the supreme champions’ special weapons and make use of them before they disappear. Attacking the supreme champions will earn you extra points, and claiming the weapons will earn you an increased rate of trophy bones, which can be used to purchase some fun rewards from Marv at the Crucible’s entrance.

You gain experience from crafting them, and can craft multiple amounts such as two times the amount of essence you have when you gain levels. You need to go to an altar such as the air altar (for air runes) to craft them. Crafting – This skill can come in very handy, but a lot of people don’t seem to realize this. You can use this skill to make everything else you can’t make by smithing. This includes some amour, but also jeweler, items and lots more. You can also cut certain gems by having a high enough crafting level.

If you decide to pay to play, there are many more skills you can gain levels in such as Herblore, Agility, Fletching, Construction and many more. All these skills can become very useful and provide more to do and work on. These are just like missions in any other games. You can start them at certain places depending on which quest you want to do. Some quests require certain skills in order to even try them, but some just require a good enough combat level to do them. However, not all the quests involve fighting enemies! A lot of the quests just depend on you to past messages on, help out people and make Runescape a better place! There are a variety of free quests to do, however there are many, many more quests on pay to play. These are shown on the world map by a certain symbol, so just look out for them.