RuneScape is very immersive and filled with depth

Why are people defending it because its a browser based game or that it’s made in Java or that its 10 years old? That doesn’t make a difference. Rate it, as an MMO, by today’s standards. Anything else would be doing the industry and this game a disservice. Is not that really the point of a re-review? To see how the new content or changes or how it has aged stacks up? Well, guess what, it doesn’t stack up well. It’s archaic and uninvolved game design, we’ve moved beyond this. If you like clicking on rocks and logs and crafting 10k daggers just to get to the next level, well, good for you! The rest of us will off be playing more interesting things.

Reviewed alongside new titles with exceptions made because of the graphical nature of the game, RuneScape is more varied, unique, and interesting than most games half its age. Sure it is heavy grind, but there are just so many options and avenues to explore, and lets not forget, every MMO is heavy grind, crafting in World of warcraft will see forge crazy amounts of useless amour and weapons. RuneScape is archaic in some place but in others it shines, the re-review is simply based on what is available, and that surprisingly turns out to be something amazingly refreshing. Both points aren’t really linked are they? The combat itself is rather dated, negative. I don’t see the direct link between?

RuneScape is a well deserving 8. Graphic is not the greatest even with the HD format now, and combat is not the most entertaining while leveling. RuneScape is very immersive and filled with depth. To say that it is extermely grindy would be incorrect as there are many mini-game alternatives to leveling up all sorts of skills. RuneScape is browser based, and there is no other game in even close comparison that is browse based. Combat may be bland but fighting in the Wilderness or Dueling Arena offers a thrill you cannot receive from any other MMO title. This Java Sandbox is extremely entertaining, for hours on end.