Guild War 2 Guide to Traits System

It’s a great idea and the ending of the quest was quite epic. This epic group quest right at the beginning of Guild Wars 2 makes you feel more connected to your fellow players and the world, although there is a potential drawback. I’m going to explain the traits system in Guild Wars 2 to you guys so that you’re not too confused from its complicated. This system is quite hard to understand even if you have guild wars 2 class guide in your hands. What you will find in this system is five trait lines that pertain to one profession. Every profession has five trait lines, and the lines go horizontally. For example you have strength, arms, defense tactics, and discipline for the warrior.

Each trait line is divided into three columns, adept, master, and grandmaster. Every column has two traits in them. The smaller one is the minor trait, the bigger one is the major trait. The minor traits are permanent to that column, they cannot be changed, but the major traits can, and you can change them and switch them out in a big pool of different traits that you can use for different stuff that you want to customize your character with. Also you get 70 trait points at the end of your leveling experience to 80. See the below picture for reference.

According to Guild Wars 2 guide, every time you get defeated one piece of your armor gets damaged. Once all of your armor pieces get damaged, they will break and you will have to repair or replace it. If you never get defeated, you will never have to repair a single piece of armor. Just think about that for a second. “Guild Wars 2” is looking very promising, especially for the first beta weekend. It’ll be up to ArenaNet to respond to fan feedback and make sure the game delivers on its lofty promises. But if you’re looking for something new and unique, keep an eye out for “Guild Wars 2.”