Unofficial Patch 1.0.3b ChangesUnofficial Patch 1.0.3b Changes


The latest patch has hit the Blizzard servers and we’ve datamined it. This is a very small patch on the client side and you can expect it to land as early as this coming Tuesday’s maintenance.

As is always the case with datamined information, these changes are unofficial and don’t include any server-side updates that may come with the patch. We’ll have the official notes up when Blizzard releases them to the public.
Patch Datamined Changes
Auction House
•The following strings were added to the client so it can be assumed that commodity sales are just about ready for Real Money Auction House.
â– CommoditySold: Sold ({s1})
â– CommodityPurchased: Purchased ({s1})
■Manual Review Denied: Auction was denied during the review process. For additional information, please refer to the auction email sent to your account’s email address.

Bug Fixes
•Collision improvements were made to dozens of items (mostly legendary). This is likely to further address some creative exploits where the player can block pathing for monsters by dropping certain items.