the same trend in Diablo 3

You are an idiot have you made it to inferno the majority of players are still stuck in act 1 some in act 2 few in act 3 and exploiters in act 4. So 65% of the player base already finished the content? get the fuck out of here lol. I have only gotten a little into Act 2 inferno and bored as shit and stopped playing already. So yeah its the boring shit you “don’t think”, clearly. And no pvp and no content won’t wet the players whistle when the game machnics such as drop rates and itemization (the soul of the game) isn’t fixed or buffed because of the low drop rates and 99% of them being trash you still have a broken the game.I played D-LOD for years!

It had real set items, different socket combinations with runes and gems, trinkets, and an expansive talent tree. D3 is just a copy and paste of D-LOD with none of the replay ability. I am insulted on how they dumbed everything down and cant even make up their minds on magic find! As soon as I saw that I quit and wont come back even if they changed the game from the ground up. It just shows how truly short sided they were in making a game that was 10 years after its successor!  I wrote a similar thing on the D3 forums, was banned for spamming/swearing.

I can not fathom how people can not think millions have left this game. Every possible statistic at our finger tips show the same trends, and similar percentage declines. They can’t all be wrong.Id be shocked if over 70% of sales still player. You are given 15-20% base line for leaving for no particular reason, 2-5% for Bots/Cheaters being banned, and the rest all leave because they dislike the game.Some are vocal others are not. Force for example (force strategy gaming or w/e) explained why he is leaving and statistics show that 20 people left for the same issue, but didn’t say a word.Id imagine that close to 50% have left this game in one form or another(with the 15-20% on top of that.