Concept art of a new Gilnean worgen

Worgen are usually encountered in small packs near sites of recent intense magical activity.[5] A pack may contain four to twelve individuals. A worgen tribe may contain between twenty and two hundred individuals. Actually cursed druids from Azeroth’s ancient past, the worgen were released from their prison in the Blackwald by several tamperers over the recent years. Unfortunately the methods of removing them from their prison do not appear to be reversible, leaving the insane druids unfettered and unrestrained. For a long time, the worgens’ origins remained a mystery, and their home was thought to be another dimension, or another world.

The worgen are not from another dimension, as they originate on Azeroth, but they discrepancy may be interpreted as referring to the Emerald Dream. The reason for the worgen refusing to devour most of their victims may be some lingering vestige of sanity in the worgen’s minds. Worgen prefer to hide in shadows before leaping great distances upon their foes. They attack with feral tenacity, slashing with their deadly claws and biting with sharp, infectious fangs. Worgen are nearly fearless and typically wow gold quest fight to the death, relying on their regeneration to save them.

Worgen love nothing more than to pounce on an opponent and tear him to ribbons. If a foe is helpless, the worgen delivers a coup de grace before moving on to another target, unless the fight is well in hand. Then it turns to torture (or “playtime”) — and the unfortunate victim is almost certain to wish he had died. The saliva of a worgen carries a dangerous infection that can prove deadly against those who are bitten.Concept art of a new Gilnean worgen.Ur, a mage of Dalaran, did research on worgen but never summoned them. He found out that the worgen seemed to hail from a dark and treacherous world, from which there was no corner which was truly safe. Velinde saw the worgen battle wow gold an unflinching enemy in a vicious war; the Lords of the Emerald.