Wizard Guide of Diablo 3

Looking for Diablo 3 Wizard guide? This entry will talk about the variety of attacks you can do with this amazing spell caster, and if you love standing far away from your opponents and blowing them all from a distance, then this guide is a must-read for you.Even on its Beta Test version, the Wizard is already one of the most recognized classes in Diablo 3. It’s arguably the most magical class in the game right now, and this handy guide will teach you the different ways to exploit its skills and spells for easy kills and better battlefield control.

Wizards harness skill from their environment, and their skill set varies from attacks, dodging enemy’s attacks and repelling attacks. The best way to utilize all of these all together is have them in combinations. Wizards may have devastating skill and cunning escape abilities, but their health points is relatively lower compared to other classes in Diablo 3. Thus, using skills in combinations will better your chances in any situation you’re in.

Diablo 3 Wizard Guide: Specialization.Wizard specialization obviously depends on the attack types. In using the Wizard, you will appreciate the emphasis given on elemental abilities called as the Strom skill tree. Wizard is a nifty class to play, and if you know how to utilize all of its skills, it can be very adaptable in any situations.Like most classes in the game, you can attack in combinations, such as casting devastating spells to cluster of hellspawns from a distance, hit enemies with normal weapon swings, and wear your armor spells and defensive abilities simultaneously (well of course you need to master fast hands to do this effectively). Also, getting the third tree skills will allow you to have projectile attacks, have better defensive abilities and utilize some AoE attacks. To put things into perspective, you can yield lightning bolts and summon some decoys with mirror images to confuse enemies in the battlefield.