new map human-territorynew map human-territory

With the second Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event fast approaching, the ArenaNet has been updated with some new details about updates to beta client.

As we’ve been told before, players’ characters from the previous BWE and stress test will roll over into this event, allowing people who put the effort into leveling their toons to reap the sweet, sweet rewards of higher-level content. That higher-level content comes in the form of the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon’s story mode (for level 30 characters), explorable mode (for level 35 characters), and a new map human-territory map, Gendarran Fields (for level 25-35 characters). Additionally, players can travel to Lion’s Arch and give their unwanted weapons and items to the Mystic Forge to see what it spits out in return. Apparently, the forge runs on pure djinn power (253% more green than any fuel we’ve got, we’re guessing): The djinn Zommoros is held within the Mystic Forge and is evidently content to take players’ stuff in exchange for mysterious goods of unknown value.

Updates have been made to general gameplay and design, as well. Overflow server technology is now being made functional by the ability to see when party members are on overflow worlds, travel to those party members’ worlds, and stick together between zones. Chat has been improved with chat bubbles, map chat, and an update to local chat. Those of you who’ve been waiting on key-binding functionality will find that it’s got a new interface (which includes the binding of modifier keys, thank the five gods). Skills have been split into three tiers, so players now have to unlock a certain number of skills on one tier to be able to unlock any skills on the next level, in order to encourage a sense of progression and to make adding new skills more feasible in the future.