NBA 2K23 Differences in Shots with the Same Speed Rating

In the creation of NBA 2K23 jump shots, there is a Release Speed rating, which determines the release speed of a player’s shot. Through testing, it is found that the players’ real release speeds are not the same under the same Release Speed.

As can be seen from the two comparison pictures above, these two jumpers have different types of BASE. Although their Release Speed ratings are both A, there are still some subtle differences in the release speed when shooting. Just like every shot has a different timing, arc, and release point, the green window will vary based on the ease of use of the jumper. This also reflects the diversity of jumpers; if every window is the same, everyone will use the fastest jumper. If your 3PT score is lower, then there will be some obvious differences from the 99 3PT green window size.

The green window should generally be based only on the player’s 3PT attributes and badge for jump shots. Curry is a better shooter than Markelle Fultz, but if the players all have 86 3PT attributes, the equipped jumper shouldn’t matter. If you have the same green window, that’s balanced because then the question becomes “Who can time their jump shot better?” (skill) rather than “Who has the better jump shot?” (not skill).

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