Easiest Way to Get Steals in NBA 2K21

Knowing how to steal a ball is extremely important in NBA 2K21, as this action can completely preventing a ball-handler from putting up a shot and make himself score. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to steal the ball in NBA 2K21. Also, you can click the link in this article to get the cheap 2k21 mt, while enjoying fast, safe, and quality service. Now back to the main text!


How to steal the ball in NBA 2K21?

To make a steal attempt, all you have to do is press the Square Button on PlayStation 4, X button on Xbox One, or the Y Button on the Nintendo Switch to try to knock it out of your opponent’s hands.

What are the determining factors when stealing the ball in NBA 2K21?

There are a few factors that come into play when attempting to steal the ball.

First of all, your steal stat needs to be higher to increase your chances of actually succeeding at grabbing the ball away. This can be done with VC as always, which can be bought via microtransactions or earned naturally as you continue to play more games.

Second, your chances of successfully stealing will also increase if you hit the button at the right time. For instance, you’ll want to watch your opponent’s actions carefully and only attempt to steal the ball when they’re not touching it, i.e., when it’s in the middle of a dribble. If you steal too early or late, you could risk getting a personal foul, which will only make things worse for your team overall, so be careful with how you want to intercept the ball.

NBA 2K21: When the best times to steal the ball are?

There are better times and places to steal the ball than others in NBA 2K21.

If you’re trying to prevent your opponent from scoring at a crucial point in the game, then stealing the ball is the way to go. Doing so can allow you to maintain control of the ball and run out the clock, forcing the game into overtime if you’re tired and unable to score or preventing your opponent from scoring if you’re in the lead.

On the other hand, if your opponent can easily see the move coming, then you might be better off refraining from it. A failed steal can leave your player in a bad position to cover the player with the ball and result in your opponent scoring as a result.

Read the situations you find yourself in, and use the move accordingly to maximize your chances for success.

NBA 2K21 steals tips

NBA 2K21 steals tips

Here are a few easy, common-sense tips and methods to rack up your steals in NBA 2K21.

1. Predicting Their Path: The first and easiest way to increase steal opportunities is to predict the ball handlers’ path and jump their route.

2. Understand Angles: Next up is understanding angles and how far off you can play your matchup while still being in the passing lane.

3. Defend Fastbreak: Another easy opportunity for steals (especially in The Rec) is defending the Fastbreak.

4. Being Aware Of Immediate Threats: You must be aware of the immediate threats on the court, especially if it’s not your guy.

5. Poke the Ball from Behind: When trailing the ball handler, poke the ball loose from behind.

6. Deny the Point Guard the Ball: Many CPU plays are run through the point guard; it’s smart to deny the ball on the PG and anticipate stealing the pass from other players on the court.

7. Vs. Big Man Steal: The kryptonite for the “big-man-camping-under-hoop-for-easy-standing-dunk-all-day” is the poor ball handling ratings of most bigs. So instead of trying to block a posterizing center that has a high low post and dunk rating, it’s easier and more successful to go for the steal instead.

8. The Double Team Trap: The double team is always an effective method to get steals, whether it’s on-ball or playing the passing lanes. Make sure to use the trap strategically during times when there are enough defenders back and in position to rotate to the open man.

9. Pay Attention to Left Stick Direction When Attempting a Steal: When attempting a steal, you want to point the Left Stick going away from the direction you are stealing from (on absolute controller settings).

Knowing How to steal is a simple but interesting task that you can carry out in NBA 2K21; try it. Also, to access more NBA 2k21 guides, click here.