FIFA 20 Dribbling Tips for wings/wide areas and Midfield possession

Dribbling is more refined than ever in FIFA 20. The new Active Touch system allows for greater control, especially when it comes to your first touch when receiving the ball. If you’re looking for ways to beat defenders instead of passing around them, here U4GM Coins Team shares FIFA 20 Dribbling Tips for wings/wide areas and Midfield possession.

The wings/wide areas

Many players, when you get the ball in broad areas, will use the contain button to try and block the cross into the box. Using complete dribbling can help you quickly make that yard of pace to beat the defender that is merely holding contain to deliver a ball into the receptacle for you to hopefully get a header or a shot on goal. As U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Seller said earlier, you can move the left stick while doing the face-up dribble so you can wiggle it from side to side and your player will remain in close contact with the ball, particularly so if they have high balance and dribbling stats.


Midfield possession

Another area to use this method of dribbling in the game is in midfield areas (U4GM have a YouTube video on this so be sure to check this to go alongside these tips). If you find that you have to rush your play and there is no time to find the passes (this can happen more on the fast-paced game modes such as FUT and Pro Clubs, you can adopt this tip. As soon as you have received the ball then go into complete dribble and face up the opposition and back away from them, this will give you more time on the ball therefore, enabling you to keep better possession of the ball, which, EA sports puts more emphasis on year by year as they try to tweak their game to match real-life football.