My Expectations For Bless Online

I’m wonder what people are expecting from Bless online? Are you guys hyped? What will you be doing once the game launches? Do you have enough Bless Online Gold?

I’ve only just gained interest in this game after finding out recently that it will release on Steam in May so I did some research on it. The gameplay has elements I like which mostly revolves around PvP. I’m very much into the large scale PvP scene and this game says they have 100v100 RvR battles. As for how they take place I’m not sure but that’s a plus.

Bless Online

The classes look pretty good, I’m leaning towards Ranger but Mage and Paladin also look up my alley and I’ve watched some videos on their skills and stuff on the Japanese version of the game and they seem good.

Combat from the videos I’ve seen looks pretty good which is also a good thing. The last MMO I played was GW2 and it seems to be similar in being kind of a mix of tab targeting and having action elements. Though I’ve read the Steam release will have another rework of the system so I guess that remains to be seen.

Overall I think this game is what I’m looking for in an MMO but once I get my hands on it we shall see if that’s confirmed. It’s buy to play and if it’s $60 or below I won’t mind spotting the cash.

one player said that hopefully giving him back some hope and trust in mmorpgs, which have been dying in trend mostly cause the vast majority of the latest released ones had so much potential but ultimately got ruined by the publishers not relaying information and the constant feed back from the community and trying to actually fix anything, but instead riddled their games with microtransaction that broke the economy and broke the game entirely as well.

And one said expect an mmo, he hope for an mmo that can hold his attention longer than 1-2 months. He is probably getting a time sink till something else comes along. He is still hyped for bless though, and it’s not a bad game. Will have to see more.