TESO: Morrowind Were Probably The Biggest Boom

In the world of The Elder Scrolls Online a couple of weeks ago, an extension called Morrowind was added. She will surely play on the string to all the witnesses who had been hunting for Vvardenfell years ago. Fortunately, she will not just stay with her. What are the main advantages of this extension and is it that TESO is finally making it? The answer awaits you inside.

Since the first launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, a lot of time has passed in the creek. My first feelings of the originally paid online can be found here. With time, I have to admit that the game was a bit of an impression. Every lesson spent over the review was still unattractive. When one finally realized he did not really enjoy it.


If the Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) were to evaluate today, I would summarize it somewhat like this: A cash draw for money with an unnecessarily stretched world, a slow pace, and a general impersonal approach.

Since at that time the MMO games were probably the biggest boom, TESO’s competition could not succeed. A few months ago, the ambitious project dropped from monthly fees (you could just buy the original game to play) and only picked up the DLC or other items you could buy through microtransactions.

This step has been stabilized by TESO, at least as stated by the developers in their annual reports, but none of the four DLCs (Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood) so far have attracted the interest of DLCs to World of Warcraft.

Note: Orsinium was not bad, it added mainly to story telling, but it was not the same.

I mention the online classics because it was in Zenimax that before the release of TESO, Bethesda appeared to be bold about it. In addition, monthly fees are proof…

As a result, developers and publishers have come across quite a bit hardly (getting paid from the paid online game for the game of initial buy-in and micro-transactions, is definitely worth it, despite the fact that it has suffered the reputation of both companies). And judging by the level of Morrowind, the first full-fledged expansion, they may have even learned that machine cracking the thematic environment in TESO is simply not enough for players. I mean, Zenimax finally squeezed gas and showed us what he could do.

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