TESO Midyear Mayhem Event Take Palce From July 20 To 31

Bethesda has announced the Midyear Mayhem event for The Elder Scrolls Online.

It takes place from the 20th to the 31st of July and in the course of which you can earn different rewards.

eso 13

You have the opportunity to come to a Laurel Wreath of Midyear Victor as a head cover, as well as double Alliance Points, PvP equipment or rare crafting materials await you.

“Battles and bonuses are available in all PvP modes, but there’s a lot going on around Tamriel: there will be battles with hundreds of players in large-scale campaigns in Cyrodiil, but also fast street battles in the Imperial city or action-packed 4v4v4 battles on the battlegrounds of Vvardenfell,” it says.

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