The Albion Online Servers Will Be Closed On July 17

The MMO Albion Online enters the final phase of beta and is preparing for a final launch on July 17th!

The launch of Albion Online is fast approaching! We told you what we thought of the Sandbox Interactive MMO a few months ago in a preview, and so we look forward to definitely embarking on the adventure. Meanwhile, if you have not yet taken advantage of one of the launch packs of the game, this is the time when ever! Indeed, the Founder Program of Albion Online will stop before the exit of the game, and you have until July 9 at 11 pm to be able to acquire one of them (or to improve yours to the top rank!) .

The founder access offers a lot of advantages like Explorer’s mounts, or even unique avatar rings, but also gold coins. To reward the investment of its players in the beta of the game, Sandbox Interactive decided to upgrade by 10% the amount of your starting booty.

  • The Veteran Founders will be entitled to 2,200 Gold instead of 2,000,
  • The Epic Founders, will obtain 4,950 Gold instead of 4,500,
  • The Legendary Founders, will get 13,200 Gold instead of 12,000.

What a good start in this universe where the economy is fully owned by the players. The launch is approaching and the servers will be closed on July 9 and reopen on July 17. So you can still buy a Found Pack. Otherwise, you can always listen to the game director Robin Henkys talking about Albion Online.