Madden 18 News: Madden 18 will Re-Connect Franchise Mode

EA released that Madden 18 will Connect Franchise Mode again, and many Madden players hear the news very excited, because in the new game before adding some of the old game mode, they can quickly integrate into the new game, master the new game skills.


So it’s good news for Madden’s fans: Madden 18 is fantastic from the point of view of the game, and Longshot has got a lot of positive buzzing. Bad news: fans of career patterns may be disappointed because Madden’s developers once again kicked out proverbs can go downhill.

EA did not have much detail on what they called “connected franchise models” or “CFMs” during E3, but it was clear that their focus was mainly on the transition to Frostbite and the development of their story patterns. The biggest update fans can expect is a draft – a new feature that will allow online league players to set their preferred players if they can not do the drafts. Otherwise there will be a normal adjustment, but not too much of the other.

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