Some Details You Need Know About The Black Market In Albion Online

It’s time to know more information about the Black Market since the new Albion Online feature have been announced in the official site.

The exciting feature, the Black Market allows players to craft all the items dropping from mobs and chests alike in PvE. This new NPC buys items from crafters and resells them to the different factions of Albion, causing the items to appear as loot drops.

Developers MMORPG Albion Online posted a video in which they shared details on such a new feature as the Black Market. And managed to find out the following:

  • The Black Market, in fact, is a special NPC, located in Caerleon. He buys items from players, and then he spends them between mobs and chests (and those in turn throw objects to players in the open world);
  • The Black Market has no fixed price for the goods and there is no infinite demand. During the killing of mobs, there is a chance that the Black Market will lay out a buy order. And after a certain number of applications are received for a particular item, the Black Market will start raising prices for this item;
  • Generated orders always correspond to a certain percentage of silver dropped from the mobs. Simply put, if the mob drops 100 silver, then 20% of this amount will be given to the Black Market (and you only get 80 silver);
  • If you killed an NPC and an item dropped from it, which is not in stock, then the Black Market will create a warrant for the purchase. And if the item is in stock, then the NPC will drop it to you (and the total quantity in the warehouse will decrease by 1);
  • The Black Market may lose some of the things that players have acquired. Some of the low-level things he removes from the game, and thus creates a demand for low-tier things (and there is no cluttering of the market with low-tier items);
  • The Black Market allows the team to increase the loss of objects in PvE, without diminishing the role of crafters;
  • Thanks to the Black Market, there is no need for Essences in the processing of materials (Essences will not be removed, but in the future developers will come up with a different role for them);
  • Refined resources will no longer drop out of the mobs and chests. Instead of them in a drop there will be things crafted by players.