Developers About The Improvements In The Hector Update

In the major Hector update, the developers of the MMOs devote themselves above all to the transformation of the Outlands; in this regard, the makers have now expressed themselves in detail.

The Hector Update is the last of its kind before the official launch of the game. Besides many other changes, there are also improvements for the Outlands. Robin Henkys, the director of the game, has said what is happening in the lawless areas in a development video; This can be seen after the message.

An overview of the most important Outland improvements (according to official data):

  • Caerleon as a portal to the Outlands: Sandbox Interactive was not satisfied with the way in which ports and cities in the Outlands had so far been a home for guilds without fixed territories or for players banished from the Royal Continent. Therefore, they are removed with “Hector” and the city of Caerleon, located in the center of the Royal Continent and in the center of the PvP zone, is now the only access point to the Outlands. There is a single large portal linking the city with the different areas of the Outlands.
  • Resource distribution and other changes: Two changes affect the resources in the outlands: First, the distribution of resources is changed. All parts of the outlands receive the same amount of resources. However, the more difficult black zones within the Outlands also have a much higher number of enchanted resources than the simpler ones. This makes the outlands much more attractive to gatherers.
  • In addition, the watchtower areas within the Outlands are upgraded to make them more attractive to the guild vs. guild battles. After the update, the watchtowers will be the only areas in Albion where Tier 8 resources are available. In addition, the raw materials spawn at the beginning of the respective prime time of the area so that the players can start collecting immediately.

Since the arbors and black zone cities in the Outlands disappear with the coming Hector update, Sandbox Interactive also points out that you should collect in your local banks and cityplots stored items, in order not to lose them. This should be done by 7 June 2017.

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