NBA 2K17: MyTeam Glitches After The New Patch

This glitch report mainly focus on PS4 console, some gamers post their giltches after patch 1.06, and these glitches happen more in MyTeam mode.

nba 2k17

Widely Fast Breaks Glitch

Glitch Description: Players often run into the referees without any precedence during fast breaks, typically killing the momentum.

An example of this would be, in MyTeam Historic Domination against the Magic, the gamer was running the fast break. Curry had the ball and dished it to Shawn Marion, and right as he clicked the button, Shawn Marion suddenly locked onto the ref, and was bending over on the sidelines. The pass went through however, even though Shawn was already out-of-bounds, causing a turnover.

This bug happen in lots of game mode: MyLeague, MyGM, MyCareer, MyTeam, Play Now, Play Now Online.

MyTeam Home Screen Glitch

Glitch Description: The MyTeam Home Screen is poorly optimized, and often makes the PS4 heat up and become very loud after sitting on it for only several minutes.

No other game does this yet, and other modes in NBA2K17 do not cause this either (i.e. MyLeague Home Screen). This has been a problem since launch, and many PS4 users have been experiencing it. Even the PS4 is relatively new (5 months) as well, and no other game mode or video game does this.

Just simply turn your PS4 on, immediately boot up 2K, launch the MyTeam mode, and just sit on the home screen for ~5-10 minutes. Your PS4 will become somewhat noisy and will feel incredibly hot to the touch, as if you’ve been running it for hours (when in reality it has only been several minutes).

This bug only happen in MyTeam Home Screen and is easily repeatable.

MyTeamOnline Peja Glitch

Glitch Description: Players are able to use different card versions of the same player in MyTeamOnline (i.e. Ruby & Sapphire Peja Stojakovic on the same team’s lineup).

Not sure if this is a Peja exclusive thing since he’s a SG/SF. Haven’t seen any other cards with this yet, but other gamers have seen the Peja glitch occur twice.

And this bug always happen in MyTeamOnline.

Have you met these problems? Don’t worry, these giltches would be fixed soon since these quality comments have been sent to the 2K Team.