Forza Horizon 3 PC Players Getting Banned 30 Years For Cheating, Glitching Or Nothing

Forza Horizon 3 PC bans have started rolling out, and players are furious. Abuse of popular glitches, cheating or most things that trips the protection system generates a 30-year Xbox Live ban.

For proof the dilemma, one need check out the official Forza subreddit. It’s flooded with reports from disgruntled gamers still figuring out what they’ve done wrong. The investigation is ongoing as well as the development team at Playground Games has stayed mostly silent, but there are many culprits becoming suggested.

One of the very most obvious of these is the “drift tap glitch” popularized a little while ago. It allows players to quickly level up with certain perks and cars on specific parts of the open world. If performed correctly, the glitch keeps awarding “ultimate drift” skill points regardless if the vehicle has basically go to a complete stop. As a result, it’s possible to earn approximately 1 million XP in approximately 15 minutes. That means quicker leveling up and faster unlocks than intended.

There can also be software-based triggers at the same time, including PC trainers which you can use to unlock and utilize any content in Forza Horizon 3 using a moment’s notice. Just like a cheat menu for such as Grand Theft Auto Online, these mods may result in bans if discovered by Internet security measures. Of course, like the majority of ban waves, there may also be plenty of victims claiming they’ve done absolutely nothing to earn the sanctions. In those cases, processor overclocking software and gratification benchmark suites are already suggested like a scapegoat.

Regardless on the reason, Playground Games did actually warn PC players about incoming cheating and glitching penalties yesterday. In an official forum post, that it was said that changes will be coming to “provide the ideal experience to your vast majority of players that enjoy Forza Horizon 3 the way it had been meant to be played.” It was confirmed that anyone not playing fair could well be subject to a “non-reversible permanent ban from online participate in the game.” For this particular multiplayer-focused title, that’s quite the hefty punishment.

These ban reports are merely one of many recent complaints leveled up against the PC version of Forza Horizon 3. Since launch, the port has suffered with poor optimization that could only be improved which has a series of lengthy workarounds. Patches have since been released, but performance remains spotty many times.

Forza Horizon 3 can be obtained now on Xbox One and PC.

Have you been banned for glitching and cheating in Forza Horizon 3? Are you an innocent victim? Tell us inside comments section!

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