Cristiano Ronaldo showed us the secret about his muscle


We know he does thousands of sit-ups every day, he has told us that before. But what else does Cristiano do to get that flawless six-pack and sculpted body?

“When Cristiano Ronaldo was at United, he averaged 50 games a season, 4,000 minutes on field, three games a week,” said Manchester United coach Tony Strudwick last year.

“Come the business end of the season we had to get him to recover. How can we keep him in a high performance state? All the information we gather from data keeps him there.”

The Real Madrid man will miss the club’s next two matches after he was sent off against Cordoba last week but he is keepi9ng himself in top shape as he prepares for his comeback game against Madrid rivals Atletico on February 7.

Here is CR7 working that core: