Messi’s head gets put in a box in weird Gilette advertisement

Barcelona superstar Lionel messi turns up to the filming of one his many TV adverts.He seems to be a lovely guy. Let’s look at his performance.

Advertising people: “Lionel, we want you to film you doing this thing. It’s a bit weird, but…”

Lionel: “Hey, no problem. You guys just tell me what you need me to do.”

The only problem with being such a nice, happy-to-help guy is that you can often end up in some slightly compromising positions. Like having your head in a weird weather box, for example.

Take Leo’s latest advert for Gillette. He probably thought he would just turn up, have a shave, smile and go home with a nice cheque in his pocket.

Oh, how wrong how he was. Instead, he had his entire head stuck in a perpsex box, so he could be exposed to extreme sunshine, humidity, rain, wind, cold, snow, lightbulb flashes (eh?), heat and a punch in the face from some grass (it will make sense when you see it).

Clearly this was not what Gillette were going for, but did anyone else immediately think of this?