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FIFA15 is a football game, which is Part 15 of the series works also with “live football” competing action game, the series works every generation will see significant improvements, this generation is no exception, not only in the game improved the most intuitive screen and has a lot of progress in other areas.Strengthening the role of the game screen picture viewer and use the latest data management systems let the game become more intelligent, this generation’s work one step further away from the truth, is reflected in the players shoot the ball’s point of view, players use efforts will directly affect the ball from the point of view of course, and then a player’s ball control ability to become stronger and will make a very clever pass to fool the player’s eyes but also to optimize the long-range pass, in addition to strengthen the computer game the judgment does not appear to block the so-called phenomenon of people or run around or if the player is a football fan can not miss it.