WildStar Tank Support & Utility abilities Comparison

In WildStar,Abilities are broken down into three different categories, Assault, Support and Utility. Assault are damage abilities, Support are tanking (or healing) abilities, while utility abilities offer crowd control and offensive/defensive buffs. Most abilities use Wildstar’s telegraph system for aiming purposes,Now let’s have a deep look at the wildstar Tank Support abilities.

Engineer Support abilities 
Bruiser Bot: The bruiser bot is your first support ability. Unlocked at level 4. When activated and set to help you the busier bot will deal melee damage. When you use his ability “Blitz” he will jump into the fray taunting and interrupting. He can be easily re-summoned if he dies during an encounter.

Hyper Wave: Unlocked at level 9. This is the Engineers Intimidate. Note this is the shortest intimidate of the three classes and available far earlier then the other two classes. This is also the only intimidate, at base tier, that also increases your threat during the duration. Also check out Code Red, the Engineer’s taunt, also different then the other two classes.

Flak Cannon:Unlocked at level 9. Flak Cannon is your “spammer” or “builder” ability. This is a channeled ability that deals damage and bonus threat every tick along with gaining Volatility.

Unsteady Miasma:Unlocked at level 11. The first telegraph is used for aiming. The second is a damaging field that also reduces your enemies chance to hit you.

Disruptive Module Unlocked through AMPs. This is a two second casted ability that puts damage over time on your enemies that will also restore party and your own shield.

Engineer Utility Abilities
Urgent Withdrawal Unlocked at level 6. This has two charges. On use this will deal damage, provide a snare, and propel you eight meters backwards.

Recursive Matrix Unlocked at level 9. This creates a twenty meter field around you that provides deflect and crowd control resilience to your party members.

Stalker Support abilities
Nano Field Unlocked at level 6. On first press this creates a damaging field around you. The second use will deal a larger amount of damage all at once. 25% of the damage done will be converted into life-steal.

Whiplash Unlocked at level 9. Your tanking “spammer.” Higher tiers regenerate dash tokens, and provide some suit power regeneration.

Razor Disk Unlocked at level 11. This is the longest range stalker ability at thirty meters. It deals damage and provides a armor expose.

Nano Virus Unlocked at level 15. This is a single target ability that greatly reduces the critical hit severity of the target.

Amplification Spike Unlocked through AMPs. This ability will create a buff field on the ground. You, or any party member, can stand in this field to gain a large increase to deflect chance.

Stalker Utility abilities
False Retreat Unlocked at level 6. The first press will leave a marker on the ground while sending you back fifteen meters which will remain on the ground for five seconds. When activated again this will return you to your marker, deal damage, interrupt, and knock down your enemies.

Reaver Unlocked at level 9. Using this taunt will force targets to attack you for four seconds at base level. At tier eight this has a chance to reduce your support ability cooldown timers.

Warrior Support abilities
Menacing Strike Unlocked at level 6. Your tanking “builder” or “spammer.” At tier eight this has a chance to heal you.

Jolt Unlocked at level 9. This ability fires a missile from your arm cannon. At tier eight this will apply a technology expose and has a chance to reduce the cooldown on your innate ability.

Plasma Wall Unlocked at level 13. This reduces your damage taken by 30%. At tier eight this ability can project and apply its effects to other players in your group.

Polarity Field Unlocked at level 15. This creates a damaging field on the ground on up to two targets. At tier eight you can stand in the field to gain a armor bonus.

Bum Rush Unlocked at level 27. This ability is not gained until a later level, however it is the only support mobility ability. This send you forward as well as providing a damage reduction buff.

Bolstering Strike Unlocked through AMPs. This restores shield on a very short cooldown. At tier eight this will also restore shield to nearby party members.

Stalker Utility Abilities
Plasma Blast Unlocked at level 9. This is the longest range taunt of the three classes. Upgraded tiers restore shield.

Defense Grid Unlocked at level 21. This creates a large buff field on the ground that reduces damage taken.

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