Also hit the WOW power leveling

World of Warcraft’s tenth anniversary is this year, and with that milestone we’ve seen a lot of changes, additions, and growth — the game now spans 90 levels (soon to be 100) and Also hit the WOW power leveling, sprawls across the original two continents, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria and places like Deepholm. We’ll be traveling to an alternate dimension soon. The game has auction houses, flying mounts, the Brawler’s Guild, Proving Grounds, dungeons, raids, scenarios, transmogrification … a lot has been changed and added over the years.

Yet there are some things WoW never did that I admit, I expected it to do before now. With the level 90 boost incoming, they added one I was wondering about (and which our own Adam Holisky basically predicted based on what other games were doing) but there are still features other games have had over the years that WoW doesn’t. Some have seemed like real no-brainers, while others might just be based on my own weird ideas. None of these are things I necessary want or think are good ideas, they’re just things I expected.

User Generated Content
Item dyes and item customization
Playable Ogres
A Diablo/Starcraft Universe Crossover

So there we are. Five of my ‘This never happened?’ moments. Honorable mentions goes out to Martial Arts weapons (I totally thought monks were going to get hook swords and bladed fans and three sectioned staves), more classes (I thought we’d be up to 20 or so by now), and a third faction (I’m glad they didn’t, but back in BC, I really expected one).