WOW power leveling to level-39

Quests in “World of Warcraft” provide a major source of experience points, money and equipment.A level-39 player can only find quests in contested territories.These are areas where Alliance and Horde players fight one another for control, which adds another level of danger. A player in a contested territory on a PvP server can be attacked by players from the other faction at any time.A player on a PvE server can avoid being an eligible target for players from the other faction by not engaging in hostile actions against other players.

Arathi Highlands
The Arathi Highlands provide a large number of wow power leveling quests for both Horde and Alliance players.The rewards for these quests are lower compared to most areas intended for a level-39 character. The low difficulty of these quests makes them quick to complete, with little danger. This is most useful for a more support-oriented character, such as a Priest, that wants to play through quests alone.

Desolance is the best choice for a level-39 character who wants to play through quests alone. Even support characters should not have much difficulty completing the more difficult quests, such as “Book to the Ancients.” The rewards for the quests in this area are better than in the Arathi Highlands, but the quests take longer to complete due to the higher-level enemies that inhabit the zone. This is the best choice for players who want to solo through quests without significant risk with prefessional wow power leveling skills.

Stranglethorn Vale
Stranglethorn Vale is the area directly outside Booty Bay, one of the few cities accessible to both Alliance and Horde players. It has the largest number of quests for a level-39 character of any zone in “World of Warcraft.” It is also the most convenient area due to Booty Bay containing all of the amenities and services that can be found in any other city. The rewards for the quests are not quite as good as in Desolance, but the number of quests allows players to earn more money and experience points than can be found in Desolance.

Eastern Plaguelands
The Eastern Plaguelands serve as a questing area for a level-39 character working with a group. A more solo-oriented class, such as a Hunter or Warlock, can potentially undertake many of the quests in the area on his own. This area is significantly more difficult than Arathi Highlands, Desolance or Stranglethorn Vale, but the quest rewards are also significantly better. This is the best choice for a player who wants to play with a group of friends rather than complete quests on his own.