WOW Power Leveling in itself is perfectly allowed by Blizzard

There are things you should avoid when WOW Power Leveling, the paid services on offer may seem tempting but only put your account at risk.These services, in most cases may take your account over with the promise of leveling fast and then change your account details and you have lost access to it forever.

Even if you do regain control of your account after the power leveling service is done with it, you will be very lucky if all your characters are still there and your gold is not missing or you gear removed.

Many of these services may use exploits, or perform the leveling by running an automated bot on the account, and other sinister methods that break the EULA terms and cause problems for other players.Consider yourself lucky if the account isn’t banned when you have purchased WOW Power Leveling services to do it for you.It really isn’t worth the risk and you will still lose in any outcome.

WOW Power Leveling in itself is perfectly allowed by Blizzard, as long as you don’t pay someone else to play the game for you.So what is power leveling and why should you use it?

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