Just a buy cheap wow gold transactions

1 What numbers need to use coins to trade on what number.Some of the guests pretending smart, get with the need to use large G trumpet different account to trade, and then traded to use large G G ‘s.In fact, more than an increase in the trading process, will only increase the risk of abnormal game data.

2 Do not talk about the game trading gold, trading gold like the topic.When GM found you need to change the gold anomalies, it is possible to call up a chat, so in the game to talk about trading in G will greatly increase the risk.When trading, you can pretend to be a friend, talk among those speaking friends, greetings and the like, should not say : I bought G ‘s, the next time I find you to buy that kind of thing.

3 After the union deal, if there is no particular reason, please do not withdraw immediately, in order to stay a day or two in the trade unions is appropriate.

4 After the transaction, the different roles coins can then flow under the same account, but please do not frequent transactions with other accounts of the role, this will increase the risk of being sealed.

5 Make the same day that you try not to buy cheap wow gold in different websites. If you are on other sites blocked because of illegal gold coins to buy, because the related transactions will make the role is also Feng Ting.