D3 Acrobat skill

Her Acrobat skill performs a short vault that can help her escape or chase down fleeing champions, and also adds bonus attack damage to encourage players to use it often. Catwoman’s ultimate ability, the aptly-named Bad Kitty, adds a short-duration bleed to each of her basic attacks and skills and significantly buffs her Acrobat ability.

If you’ve been following Russian castle-building MOBA Prime World, you’ve probably noticed that it didn’t release on Steam in mid-September as intended. Some players have been experiencing problems with the launcher when launching the game from Steam, and developers have asked for the community’s help in reporting the problem in order to make a good first impression at launch. Buy Diablo 3 Gold¬†You can download Prime World on Steam now by explicitly searching for it by name, but the game won’t become visible in the global game lists until it officially launches.

Turbine added yet another classic DC Comics character to its upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis this week with the introduction of the original Catwoman. A money-hungry thief, Catwoman benefits from reduced skill cooldowns every time she picks up a coin and her melee attacks also cause bonus coins to spawn nearby. She can use her whip to deal damage at long range or trip opponents to slow them.

Any Dota 2 player who’s played Pudge will know how successfully predicting enemy movements and landing a Meat Hook on target can really turn a game around. Unfortunately, the only way to become a good shot with the Meat Hook is to play games and miss a lot of shots, which might not look too good in your stats. Now a player has stepped up to solve this problem with his new Meat Hook Trainer mini-game. The web-application was developed in Unity and has been praised for having a very similar feel to the real game.