D3 Demon Hunter

It has first two skills by Level 5 which are the Poison Bolts and the Crippling Shot. They both do considerable damage but the Crippling Shot is known best to slow down your enemies. And then make it more perfect by letting loose your Poison Bolts.

The Scoundrel also has several escape strategies that he can do. Dirty Fighting can turn your enemies blind and Vanish can let him escape and heal up. Just take note that once he vanishes, all the surrounding monsters will surely come after the primary hero.

The Scoundrel’s final two skills can increase your chances in tiny percentages and its damage is increased for your hero. Buy Diablo 3 Gold The only downfall is that he cannot bring anything fresh to the table for your hero as compared to the next follower in our next post tomorrow which is about the Enchantress.

The Scoundrel is known to be more potent for a follower when it comes to the damage aspect as compared to the Templar. All of his skills are deemed dangerous but as a Demon Hunter yourself, you already have enough of those dangerous attacks on your side. But if you what you currently have include the trap and evasive skills, then you definitely need the Scoundrel to be by your side.

Take note the your followers are your back up and not your leading fighter in any given scenario. But if you need a quick and easy boost to cause more damage, then the Scoundrel is the best one to use.