FFXIV task experience

Players begin the game in one of the three major cities, depending on the Disciple of War or Magic class they chose at character creation. The main story questline (denoted in-game by special icons above questgivers’ heads) acts as something as a guide in the early game -– something that 1.0 sorely lacked -– introducing players to key game concepts and eventually unlocking new features such as airship travel, Grand Company membership, and so forth.

The story questline also (generally) guides players to the various hubs where they can pick up a number of sidequests to complete… well, on the side. FFXIV Gil These sidequests serve as the player’s primary source of gil, gear, and experience on the trek to level 50, but it’s important to note that each quest can be completed only once, so while they’re useful the first time around, players leveling additional adventuring classes after the first will have to rely on alternate methods of advancement.

Of course, this is a Final Fantasy game, so the quests aren’t (always) nothing more than experience fountains. Players can expect some high-caliber storytelling delivered via a number of cinematic cutscenes. The presence of voice acting is fickle, however, and it seems to come and go as it pleases. Regardless, the main storyline starts out a bit slow, revolving around local affairs in the player’s starting city, but around the mid-20s it kicks into full-on we-have-to-save-the-world mode, and fans of the series will find plenty to love in both the narrative itself and the numerous nods to previous games in the series.

Another valuable source of experience that’s completely new (barring some similarities to 1.0’s behests) to FFXIV in A Realm Reborn is the game’s many FATEs. FATE stands for Full Active Time Event which, I suspect, was shoehorned into the acronym after-the-fact. These are essentially Final Fantasy XIV’s take on public events. As in many other games, the idea is that any player can wander into an area where a FATE is taking place, contribute to the completion of objectives that can include gathering items, escorting an NPC, killing a bunch of mobs, and even squaring off with a big bad boss monster.