RS golden Chinchompa

RS golden Chinchompa
Win yourself a golden chinchompa to follow you around. You’ll also notice it’s hungry, so feed it with special chinchompa food –from the Squeal of Fortune as food bags, or from skilling – and it’ll grow, rewarding you with gold and a randomly chosen item from a list of valuable rewards. Once it’s fully grown, it’ll do what comes naturally to chinchompas and explode, bursting into a hefty coin reward and several items from the list!

Check out the table at the bottom of the golden chinchompa wiki page to see a list of the possible random item rewards.

There are three kinds of chinchompa food. Each individual chinchompa has a favourite type out of the following three:

Dried chillis
Curried lard nuggets
Pure caffeine

Your golden chinchompa will grow faster and yield more money depending on which type you choose and how much they like it. Runescape Gold The quicker you fatten up your furry friend, the sooner you’ll earn your rewards! Any remaining golden chinchompas will disappear when the promotion is over too, so feed that rodent up!

Once your chinchompa’s exploded, you’ll get a gravestone item to place in your player-owned house, and you can continue to win more golden chinchompas from the Squeal of Fortune for more rewards – up to a total of three.

Food appears on the Squeal of Fortune as regular and large food bags, which are tradeable on a one-to-one basis. You can also earn more by training the following skills:

Dried chillis: Construction, Herblore, Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting
Curried lard nuggets: Cooking, Firemaking, Hunter, Runecrafting, Agility
Pure caffeine: Farming, Fishing, Thieving, Fletching, Smithing

Your chinchompa will only eat and grow when it’s 100% hungry, which is why chronometers are up for grabs on the Squeal of Fortune. Win one to speed up time until your chinchompa’s hungry!