Libra Eorzea: FFXIV official iOS app

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea, its official smartphone application that can be downloaded through the iTunes Store iOS. Application offline games and a full-featured database character outlines audience, more features and Android version, future plans.Here to supply Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Game database
FINAL FANTASY XIV: LIBRA EORZEA included in the game, including projects, tasks, non-game characters of the NPC, achievements, and more extensive catalog. Will host updates the database works as a useful resource for constantly Final Fantasy XIV adventurer: a realm of rebirth.

Character Profiles
Players active FINAL FANTASY XIV: the realm of rebirth Square Enix account can login account credentials examine its properties and gears character information. They can also free in their company, Linkshell browse profiles of other characters, or use the search function of the other players and free company details. In addition, players can even learn their fellow adventurers acquisition equipment.