FFXIV the NA and EU players apologize

For many Final Fantasy 14 : Rebirth of the realm, players in North America and Europe , it has been a difficult weekend .

FFXIV operation and expected intense , a lot of fans get the chance to jump into the game already ordered a full launch tomorrow , August 27 prior to the early access .

When the players in the game , the report is very positive, but some of the spelling error messages doom playing time at the weekend. Error 90000 and 3102 are reproduced from the test phase 4 and more urgent repair downtime and no increase disconnected and can not go

Many players can not progress with their roles, as they will be stalled classes and story missions part of a chain , you need an instance, the instance of the server takes a particularly cruel flutter .Here to supply Buy FFXIV Gil

Many players are frustrated , director and producer Naoki Yoshida responded in FFXIV official forums :

“FINAL FANTASY XIV: a realm of rebirth development team representative, I think those who have difficulty using the NA / EU Early Access participants in the data center to extend my deepest apologies .

In response to a variety of problems , we have carried out emergency repairs in the last few days several times. The first instance , which is carried out six hours after the start of early access is to solve the error 90000 and 3000 , which was first discovered in the fourth stage of the β testing purposes .

Our server team , and then began to take measures to enhance the lobby and responsibilities viewfinder server performance. Subsequent emergency repairs are necessary to achieve their changes.

Planned maintenance , after verification examples combat duty greatly improved the stability of the viewfinder . However, we found that certain hall server has been configured properly, we are forced to conduct simple repairs to solve this problem .

Although we have successfully solved many serious problems in the past few days , but we have decided to implement the login time restrictions to be placed on the server due to extremely heavy loads. In this way, we can ensure that the maximum number of players can play the game without having to worry about a server crash . I know no one wants to wait for login, but I hope you understand why we believe this precaution is necessary.

Again, I would like to sincerely apologize that our players have been able to enjoy early access because of the huge congestion, attendant problems , and frequent maintenance .

Development and operations teams that everyone is committed to provide our customers with the best possible experience , we will continue to do our utmost to resolve any remaining future problems. ”

Currently, the experience of the players into the game at the time of writing is very smooth, but at the time, most of North America is asleep or at work / school will later today , of course , the official run , this will be the acid test server.

While the game itself is enjoyable , Square Enix has in its hands a big task cream fans troubles, those who are considering trying the rent control negative publicity .

Some players log in and leave their roles in the game before the limit indefinitely sure the server is started crunching demand today for the players , they are in their own world of choice . It should be noted that, although the players are accustomed to the fact that there is no Final Fantasy games kick FFXIV idle , which can not help server load.

With so many reports an enjoyable experience in the actual playing, I hope Yoshi – P and Square Enix company can correct the obvious problem of the server , in order to ensure their future games can run.

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