Guild Wars 2 Pet Management guide

Guild Wars 2 is a massive game–even for an MMO–and it can be tricky getting your bearings in its brave new world. But BradyGames is here to help, with a strategy guide that’s hundreds of pages long and spells out everything you need to know about the game. We’ve got some sample pages to check out, as well as an introduction to the Ranger profession. Check it out below, then hit up the second page for some insanely high-res images of the guide’s undoubtedly pretty pages.

Use the Pet Management window to set pets for above-ground and aquatic use. Terrestrial pets are locked for land use only, while aquatic ones are for water use. There are amphibious pets that can serve you in either environment.

In the Pet Management window you can also rename your pet. Click the icon that looks like a feather pen and start typing! You can rename your pet as many times as you like.

The Pet Management screen gives a full summary of each pet’s abilities and stats. Only the first ability can be activated by you (as the F2 ability). The other three are used automatically by your pet. This window also lists where you first encountered the pet in case another ranger asks.

Having the best pet for a given situation is as important as having the right weapons and skills. For example, the White Moa is great for helping tanks stay on their feet. The Golden Moa is excellent for moving a party across terrain quickly. The Krytan Drakehound is wonderful when kiting a powerful enemy with its Immobilize and Knockdown. Experiment and see what works best for you and your allies.