Guild Wars 2 A Dangerous Homecoming

Rita gave the eschalon people a chance, let they build new homes and lives, but

without the safety of the refugees have been longing for the castle. Cory tower

itself is faced with problems, known as the Lich Lord terrorist character manipulated

the undead laid siege to Buy Guild Wars 2 Items.
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Survivors in the eschalon firm and strong. Since through the cold mountain peak, they

already accustomed to the difficult situation. Ascalon to fend off the undead’s

attack, destroying these foul creatures. Because of their courage, rita’s ruling

groups White robe alliance awarded are they before the king Lion’s Arch north housing


For many of the refugees, this is the end of the story, they have a chance to carry

out simple life again. But rick lu the prince’s faithful followers did not meet. When

white union invited them hand in hand to cooperate, this group of people accept. In a

mission, the group of followers saved white robe alliance leader, penitent more than

Ann life. At the same time, they help the leader had a powerful artifact, Orr a

sceptre, prevents the undead plot to want to take the treasure away.

In order to reward the loyal and credit, white robe alliance to the group of the

glory of the eschalon people joined the organization. The loyalists also was awarded

a responsibility: is responsible for managing the sacred Coast from Divinity of the

people in the recruit members choose try to practice day. Chosen test practice, it is

every year the summer solstice, the white robe alliance through a magical curiosity

Jane Eye in each village organization’s selection service. Jane who’s eye has the

ability of members of the selection from the ordinary white robe. At the end of the

ceremony, the entries will be escorted to white robe alliance strongholds: the

invisible Temple. After these members will be in several big head under study.

However, in the process of responsibility, new Guild Wars 2 Items find their entries

were kidnapped. Committed from a rebel groups: light Blade will. So new ascalon has

been ordered to find out where entries into captivity, to rescue them, and kill the

light blade will be committed.