Guild Wars 2 Player Comments is a growing game

Guild Wars 2 is still a very young game, ArenaNet have been added new features and existing features some modifications. I think we should all remember the release of the game is what, though still great, but still require some modifications in order to achieve the perfect gaming experience. From the modify the WVW of culling to day-to-day achievements changes, Guild Wars 2 has gone a long way since its release last year. Here are just some of Guild Wars 2 Gold , but still need some improvements.
Guild Wars 2 features the personal story, the plot can help your character full of life, so that his place in the world of Tyria. Tyria dynamic events and dungeons also joined the plot constraints, but the current is not enough. It is also on Living Story of reasons.

The ArenaNet hear the voice of the players, and has embarked on re-edit the day-to-day achievements. Players every day a new set of day-to-day achievements can be selected. Typically, these achievements can be in different parts of the world adventure is complete. These achievements do feel more natural, and not just in accordance with the prescribed route every day. However, this change also need to wait for some time, and the wait is absolutely worth it.

The new real-time events and the way they show the story in my opinion is a very great changes. Different from what we see two roles in the personal story stood face to face talk, their animation is done like we have seen in the original fighting game. The real environment is evident in the scene, coupled with your overall appearance, make you feel you are in the story. I hope that from now on all animation can be done by this form.